Jewelry Care


Each piece is meticulously handcrafted in our Berlin studio and should be treated as a delicate piece of jewelry. Please note that brass and sterling silver can develop patina over time. This is a natural process, however, if you choose to avoid this transformation, you can read our tips to clean your metal jewelry. In addition to these, there is also a variety of homemade recipes for polishing you can find online and choose one depending on availability. 
BRASS - a material prone to tarnish needs a little maintenance every now and then. How often, depends on how you keep it and your skins PH. To prolong the periods between polishing store it in a dry place away from chemicals and humidity. The most efficient polishing agent is a universal polishing paste for metal which you might already own. If not, there is variety of other recipes (toothpaste, white vinegar, soda with lemon juice...) - choose one depending on availability, make sure to remove any residue with water afterwards and properly dry it. For textured pieces use a soft toothbrush you no longer use and for flat ones a piece of soft cloth.
COPPER+COTTON THREAD - copper parts are protected with a thick ceramic coating that prevents tarnishing. In order not to the damage it avoid any contact with sharp objects and store it in a “safe environment”. The cotton thread can be brushed with a soft toothbrush to remove any dust particles that might appear over time. Accidental water splashes will simply dry out, but prolonged contact with water is to be avoided.
925 STERLING SILVER - note that silver does tarnish over time as well (though not as quickly as brass). There are silver cleaning solutions you can buy to restore its original shine or simply use a silver polishing cloth more regularly for a quick wipe.
GOLD PLATED - all our gold-plated pieces are coated with a thick layer of 24k yellow gold or 18k rose gold. The plating is around 2.5 microns thick which is classified as heavy gold plating (opposed to a vast majority of the gold plated pieces that you can purchase online that have a standard thickness of 0.5-1.0 microns). However, only solid gold lasts forever and the plating, although thick and durable, might rub off over time. In order to prolong this finish and keep it gold and shiny as long as possible store it in a dry and soft place away from sharp objects, chemicals or other metals. If it develops a dull appearance over time clean it gently with a soft polishing cloth. If the plating eventually rubs off it is possible to have it re-plated.